Ryn (toxic_mystery) wrote in poetry_heaven,

    You were everything
my starlight
my darkness
I breathe you. I bleed you.
you are the angel who gave me wings
the demon who haunts my dreams
    tranquil fury
    sweet toxicity
you entice and ensnare me
though I am forsaken
you are a serpent and I
I am the venom in your bite
as you are the poison in my veins.

   We were the faithless. The cursed.
Joining the ranks of those who had long forgotten innocence
and yet, you were my savior
even as i became your downfall

Memories swirl. Taunting
that first kiss
Whispered words.
Passionate desperation.
Lightning flashed
rain lashed and whirled
thunder echoing, unheard
drowned by the beating of our hearts.
Blackened and Broken
they beat none the less.

Murmured Endearments
"I need you"
"I love you"
"I'm with you"

Yet still we spiralled downward
laughing, crying, fucking, dying
with reckless disreguard.
Feeling our our senses speed
our worlds slow
enthralled by each other
imprisoned by our pain.
Yet despite it all I loved you
with every splinter of my shattered soul.

My heart. Tattered and torn
I pledged it to you
it's scars mattered not for yours were the same.
You pieced me together
with shards of yourself
and how sharp they've become
for you nolonger dull the pain.

    You were my everything
My starlight
My Darkness
I loved you
and as i watched your ashes scatter to the wind
I know I always will.
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