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Hi everyone! I just joined this group... just got my livejournal too. Hee. My name's Sagi and I'm from Chicago but live in Boston now for school. I love poetry and writing in general. Here's my latest. ^_^

paint a face
and paint a picture
leave no trace
of reality you're
leaving behind
the sorrows
and the woes
of the world
are not yours
to worry over
what you think
you see
is a mistake
just waiting
to live and love
the one person
you never thought
of as yours is
just waiting
for you to be
yourself is not
making a mistake
is just once
and learning is
life waiting
to be lived
and loved and not
painted up
like a doll
you see yourself
to be perfected
is impossible
for who wants that
hate to over come
what you should be
feeling breathing living
and loving
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