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a summer affair (march 30, 2007)


walking playfully

out for coffee

teasing, laughing

trying to nonchalantly hold my hand

i hate coffee…


i’m getting married in two days, he said

we stopped

the world stopped (again)

i smiled forcibly

not uttering a single word

then finally,

we can go on opposite directions

and pretend this didn’t happen

i head myself say

at the back of mind i see myself walking away


momentary pause

gently calculating

right…what about…everything?

what about…last summer?

he chided in a guise of contempt

God why does he have to remind me

the seemingly endless summer affair

the dance, the song

the breezy Saturday night

all came back to me vividly…


    do you know this song?

    he asked as a way to distract me

    as he locks his arm on my hip

    and i said, i love this song

    all too anticipated for me


    he moved his cheeks closer to mine

    as he started to sing

    his voice dropping to a whisper

    the song all too familiar

    his voice all too ethereal for my ear

    then the world stopped…


    for a while

    the sand, the ocean

    the bonfire faded away

    everything was suddenly unimportant

    only this

    only this mattered…



now i’m stuck on one heel

blindsided, dumbfounded

caught unexpectedly

as i start to take a cigarette

buying time for a perfect comeback

his hand suddenly held my trembling arm

i looked up with a tear held back

and then we continued to walk…


to the world

we are walking playfully

out for coffee

teasing, laughing seemingly

he’s holding my hand quietly

God i hated coffee…


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